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Help and Advice

Can WaveHouse Design Plan Our Design Scheme?

Understanding your space and redesigning it can be a daunting exercise. Wavehouse Design are experienced in guiding you through the process, mixing your style with some design solutions offering sketches, material palettes and consultations will help make the design Scheme.

Will Wavehouse design help with Project management?

Wavehouse Design are a beginning to end facilitator. We will advise create a scope and concept design brief and plan the project from specifications of product to project management and finally procurement of furniture and art.

What is the ideation and design process like at WaveHouse Design?

We approach all our jobs as a collaboration, from the Clients to the Builder and the Craftsman its our desire to give every Client a space that is a true reflection of them. 
We really like to get to know our clients and understand how the space needs to function for them. The key to a successful project is to understand the project needs, the requirements, budget, clients vision and programme.

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